The Check Point Secure Access Service Edge

The Check Point Secure Access Service Edge

Check point is a company provider of cybersecurity, and it includes secure access service edge (SASE). So how does it work? We will see this in this section.

What Is A Secure Access Service Edge?

SASE is a network security system. It is a combination of multiple security features. It works together to protect from unauthorized access and malware.

It protects from the following:

  • data breaches,
  • malicious code, and
  • threats through an intelligent security policy management platform

It provides simple configuration, automated enforcement, and granular application control.

SASE deploys network security features to protect your organization from external attacks and threats. In addition, it also protects your employees from internal attacks.

Example SASE Applies

For example, if you have a small company with few employees in the office. Then most likely it will be very difficult for you to monitor their activities.

For instance, if all your employees use the same computer. Then one of them may access some malicious website or download a malware-infected file. As a result of this activity, this computer can be infected with a virus.

It can spread to other computers and devices in your network.

Another example of internal threats is if one of the employees accidentally transfers some confidential files to the USB drive or his smartphone. If he is not aware of this activity or did it unintentionally. Then he can share this confidential data with another person outside the company or steal it.

They can also sell it to another company.

This type of situation can cause serious consequences for your company. Including financial loss and damage to your company’s image by leaking confidential data to competitors.

How Does Check Point Secure Access Service Edge Work?

SASE is built on the foundation of Check Point’s secure operating platform. Which has been developed over many years to ensure maximum performance for all applications running on it.

On top of this platform is a layer known as the management console. It allows you to manage all features available in SASE including the following:

  • intrusion prevention system (IPS),
  • antimalware engine (AMP),
  • web content filtering (WAF),
  • VPN,
  • the firewall, and
  • application control.

Check point claims that this service will reduce the number of network breaches by 100%. In addition, it will also reduce the number of malware infections by 90%. This service also protects all business-critical applications. Including:

  • Email,
  • data, and
  • web applications

In addition to protecting your network from malware and cyber-attacks. This service also offers a secure gateway to the cloud.

This gateway enables you to integrate your on-premises network with cloud services. Such as

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Salesforce,
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), and
  • Google Apps

In addition, it also allows you to access corporate resources from any location or device.

The SASE also integrates with several third-party security solutions. 

Including the following:

  • Cisco Umbrella,
  • Fortinet FortiGate, and


Checkpoint is a well-respected cybersecurity company. Therefore, the SASE is one of the most secure solutions available to protect your organization. It combines multiple security features in a single platform.

This platform allows you to protect your organization from internal and external threats. In addition, it also provides a gateway to connect to cloud services.