On-premises Secure Web Gateway Service

On-premises Secure web gateway detect malicious intent at the application level by inspecting the actual traffic across the protocol. What else? Read on to learn more about this network service.

On-premises Secure Web Gateway Service

The Secure Web Gateway On-Premise service is a solution for Security as a Service (SECaaS). It is also a fully managed, hosted, and protected web gateway solution is hosted on your premises and requires no software to be installed.

it provides the same degree of protection and performance as the cloud-based Secure Web Gateway cloud service, but with the extra security of being installed on your own hardware.

As a result, you have the option of deploying the service on your own premises or hosting it on a co-location site.

Secure online gateways are provided for your company’s or organization’s web servers, apps, and websites. Scanning the inbound and outgoing traffic to detect malware and harmful code.

Stop harmful activities like phishing and DDoS assaults. Determine which bots and crawlers are utilizing bandwidth or CPU resources.

Secure Web Gateway On-Premise Service provides precise traffic data, allowing you to fine-tune firewall and ACL rules for best performance.


A secure web gateway is a network security solution which using a on-premises or through the cloud. Secure web gateways, which sit between users and the Internet, provide sophisticated network protection by checking web requests.

In contrast, to its corporate policy to restrict and make inaccessible harmful programs and websites.

Methods of Implementation

To begin with, Secure web gateways usage may depend in a variety of ways in a business context. Moreover, Secure web gateways can be installed on-premises and operated centrally through a console.

The SecurEdge Safe Web Gateway established to be a gateway that allows secure Internet access to your local area network (LAN). It also protects you from hackers, malicious scripts, malware, and other typical web-borne risks.

Secure Web Gateways are hardware or software appliances that check all communication between your company and the Internet.


A secure web gateway’s objective is to prevent data loss, block harmful websites and apps, and assure compliance with corporate security rules.

Most secure web gateways usage is to restrict access to potentially hazardous websites or apps.

These are software packages which installed on a server, router, or firewall. Secure web gateways can alternatively be in the form of an appliance (hardware), a virtual appliance, or a cloud-based service.

Large enterprises with complicated network infrastructures and web presences are the most likely to adopt Secure Web Gateways. They may, however, purpose is to give easy security control to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Advantages of Secure Web Gateway On-Premise Service

Deploying a secure web gateway on-premises is suitable for circumstances, when a company cannot afford to have its data or information exposed, or where tight regulatory requirements must be met.

Among the most typical advantages of an on-premises secure web gateway are as follows:

It provides improved security against hackers and dangerous web threats, as well as centralized administration and simple and rapid deployment. It is also less costly than software or cloud-based solutions and lowers security threats.

Overall Conclusion

Secure Web Gateways are suitable for organizations that wish to protect their web-based applications, data, and operations against harmful attacks. Therefore, it is a low-cost solution that requires no additional hardware, software, or administration.