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MCAS’s Secure Web Gateway

Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) is a secure online gateway that works with MCAS. How does the MCAS Secure Web Gateway cooperation work? Let’s see what we can find out.

In MCAS, what is a Secure Web Gateway?

In MCAS, there are two different types of gateways. Microsoft Azure Active Directory Web Application Proxy is the first, which was released in 2015.

There’s also the Secure Web Gateway, which was first presented in 2016. The MCAS Secure Web Gateway is a new member of the family.

It’s a cloud-based solution that acts as a unified interface for all cloud applications. As a result, this solution gives comprehensive control over cloud app access and helps prevent data leaks.

A secure web gateway routes all online traffic from on-premises applications to cloud apps. Dynamic load balancing, SSL offload, and WAF are all supported by the secure web gateway.

How Does MCAS Work With Secure Web Gateway?

Any cloud application may benefit from a secure online gateway. Microsoft Azure Active Directory Web Application Proxy does not support this.

One example is as follows:

1. Salesforce


3. Apps by Google

4. Dropbox

5. Box

Let’s Take a Look at How Salesforce Works.

When a user uses an on-premises app to access Salesforce. As a result, Azure AD generates an identity request for the user and sends it to the Azure AD Connect sync server.

The request includes information on the app (such as the URL). Also included in metadata is whether or not the user are requesting for authentication.

Also, whether or not the connection should be encrypted As a result, this metadata will assist the secure web gateway in determining how to handle user requests.

Those that use Salesforce using on-premises applications. After that, the request is sent to the Azure AD Connect sync server, where it is saved in Azure Active Directory.

It also asserts what occurred during that session, such as User X accessing Salesforce at these times. If there are no claims within five minutes.

The secure web gateway will then interpret the request as coming from a user with an on-premises app and allow it to pass. A secure web gateway will think it originated from a user otherwise.

Those who had an Azure AD account before blocking it and sending it back to the Azure AD Connect sync server. So that the request may be redirected to Salesforce (with authentication this time).

The system will then presume the user already has an account and enable them to proceed without asking for any further information.

How critical is MCAS’s collaboration with Secure Web Gateway?

The MCAS collaboration with a secure online gateway is critical. Because we now have complete control over all cloud applications.

So that we can safeguard our information and prevent data loss. As a result, you may now have a single pane of glass for all cloud apps and prevent data leaks.

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