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Is The Data Protection Act Important In The Organization?

Is the data protection act important in the organization? The Data Protection Act is a cornerstone of the protection of privacy in the UK and should be important in any organization, as it outlines the rights of all citizens are protects their personal information. Read this article to know the reason why data protection is important.

Is Data Protection Act Important In The Organization?

Data protection is important because it is the law. Also, the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) was by Parliament to ensure that individuals’ privacy is not and that their personal information is not without their permission. 

The DPA contains many important rights for you, and your employer, as well as restrictions on how your personal information may be used. Also, the DPA contains six principles. 

You must be why data is collected and how it will be. Also, you must give your consent before your data is (this includes your employer processing it). 

The data must be fairly and lawfully, and not in an unreasonably intrusive way. Also, data that is not for the purpose for which it was should be of properly. 


The objective of the data protection act is to provide that personal information is fairly, lawfully, and in a proper manner. In a more general sense, it is also concerned with the right of individuals to be against inaccurate or misleading information. 

It seeks to ensure that personal information about an individual can only be for a purpose. Also, it is important to ensure that when one entity gives another entity personal data about an individual, it does not do so in breach of any law. 


The Data Protection Act 1998 is a UK law that provides a set of rules for the way that personal information is by organizations. It provides a set of principles for the handling of personal information and an enforceable right of individual access to personal data held about them. 

In the UK, it is an offense under the Act to knowingly or recklessly re-use or disclose any personal data that has been by an individual, unless they have consented to its re-use or disclosure. This legislation applies to all organizations that store or process personal information, including banks, hospitals, schools, hotels, and employers. 


There are many risks in processing personal information. 

Risks include the following: 

  • Breach of confidentiality 
  • Unauthorized access and disclosure 
  • Illegal modification, amendment, or erasure 
  • Unauthorized use 
  • Loss or damage to the information systems 
  • Legal action by individuals whose data is not being properly protected. 

If an individual believes that their personal information has been, they can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner. Also, if an individual’s complaint is, the ICO may issue an enforcement notice, or it may take court action. 

If an organization refuses to comply with an enforcement notice or is in court, it could be up to £500,000 for each breach. 


The Data Protection Act is important in any organization. It is the law and must be to by all organizations. Also, it protects your personal information. 

The data protection act is also important because it ensures that one entity does not give another entity any personal information without the consent of the individual

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