Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner Magic Quadrant About Secure Access Service Edge

Gartner magic quadrant has a quite strong impression when it comes to secure access service edge (SASE). To Know better about it, we will take a look at its basic information.

What Is A Secure Access Service Edge?

Secure access service edge (SASE) is delivered to users that are outside the corporate network. Also, it provides secure access for mobile users to corporate assets and resources.

To put it simply, SASE is an extra piece of software that has been added on top of the traditional firewall. So this extra software is placed on the border of the network and security devices. 

It will be checking every single traffic that goes through it, intending to grant or deny access to certain types of traffic.

Gartner Magic Quadrant About Secure Access Service Edge: The History

Since its first report about SASE back in 2008, Gartner has been consistently offering a report about this technology every year. In their latest update, Gartner has defined SASE as “a layer 4-7 control function.

That protects outbound and inbound network traffic anywhere on the network perimeter”. They also mentioned some other points that you should know too.

The first thing they said is that SASE will become an important component of modern security architecture. It is because it can protect all Internet-facing resources, regardless of their location in the network or their connection type (VPN, Internet, or extranet). 

Next, they have mentioned that SASE can be deployed on almost any device or platform. And also IT managers can choose a solution based on specific needs and requirements. 

The report also said that SASE can help organizations address the challenge of securing remote and mobile users. It may include laptops and mobile devices to corporate networks.

How Important Secure Access Service Edge In The Industry?

Gartner thinks that SASE is an element in the current security architecture. The capability of:

  • protecting Internet-facing resources,
  • cloud-based resources, and mobile devices. 

It also can protect both inbound and outbound traffic. Not just, SASE can also help organizations address different challenges today. Such as the challenges of securing mobile and remote users. 

So, it is quite obvious that SASE is a necessary part of the current security architecture.

 It is because it can protect inbound and outbound traffic.

How Gartner Magic Quadrant About Secure Access Service Edge?

Gartner has made a report about SASE every year. And in their latest report, they have used 4 criteria to evaluate the SASE vendors.

They are:


How well vendors execute and the overall capabilities of their technology. 


The extent that which vendors integrate their products with other security solutions. 

Business Impact:

How much value do these solutions create for customers and how easily they can make an impact. 


The level of support and how well it can address customer issues concerning security. 

And finally, Gartner will provide a score out of 10 to each vendor according to these criteria. From that, they will be able to rank them from 1st to 5th place in different quadrants.

At the end of the report, Gartner will show their own recommendation. It where it put all the vendors into different categories:

  • Leaders,
  • Visionaries,
  • Niche Players or Challengers

Also, it will be telling us which vendor will go into each category as well.