Data Protection Excellence (DPEX) Network Programs

What are the data protection excellence network courses? The Data Protection Excellence (DPEX) Network, the region’s first of its kind, strives to provide leadership, best practices, and training. How do we get involved in these courses? Continue reading to find out more.

Data Protection Excellence (DPEX) Network Programs

The Courses Of Data Protection Excellence Network is a global training program for data security experts. The course covers the fundamentals of data protection legislation. Guidance is also provided, as well as the opportunity to learn from best practice examples.

The ASEAN Business Law Institute (ABLI) is a regional institute whose mission is to. Its goal is to strengthen the legal profession in ASEAN member countries. It also improves their knowledge and abilities in business law by delivering high-quality programs and courses.

For the legal community, the ABLI provides a wide range of courses, training, and professional development activities.

Participating countries are in the process of putting national data protection legislation into effect. Furthermore, with the upcoming implementation of the new EU-GDPR in May 2018, there is an urgent need for suitable training.

As a result, the Data Protection Excellence (DPEX) Network was created to provide a service. It is the responsibility of data protection specialists to work on data protection concerns.

Data Protection Excellence (DPEX) Network Courses: Examples

There are four programs in the Data Protection Excellence (DPEX) Network. There are four options: the Certificate Program, the Advanced Program, the Executive Program, and the In-House Program.

Certificate Course

To begin with, the Certificate Course is a two-day course that educates participants on data protection ideas, principles, and laws.

DPEX goal is to fulfill the demands of data security specialists. It is who, in their line of work, needs an up-to-date understanding of data privacy regulations. It also focuses on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Program for Advanced Studies

The Advanced Programme is a three-day curriculum that allows you to do so. It is to benefit from the best practices and insights of data protection specialists in their industry.

In fact, Its goal is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to establish data protection policies and procedures. Whereas, its intention is for data security professionals who demand advanced abilities. Hence, Knowledge and awareness of data protection concepts, norms, and regulations is necessary.

Internal Program

The In-House Programme is a tailored curriculum designed to assist firms and organizations’ in-house teams in improving their knowledge and comprehension of data protection principles and standards.

It seeks to provide in-house teams with the skills they need to play an active part in ensuring their company complies with the new regulations.

Executive Development Program

The Executive Programme is a five-day program designed to assist executives to understand the significance of data privacy laws and how it impacts their firm.

However, DPEX seeks to empower CEOs with the tools they need to take an active part in ensuring their company complies with the new regulations. Moreover, its intention for high-level executives who need to improve their knowledge, abilities, and understanding of data protection concepts, laws, and regulations.

Overall, DPEX purpose is to fulfill the demands of data protection professionals who require specialized data protection concepts, rules, and regulations knowledge, abilities, and understanding.