Data Protection 2018 Act: What is it?

Data Protection 2018 Act: What is it?

What are the features that the data protection 2018 act has than other acts? How did this data protection 2018 act implement in the industry today? Read the following information below.

What Is Data Protection 2018 Act?

In the world today, data is the most important asset for anyone. It is a fact that almost everyone has data assets. Data assets can be categorized into two types, namely:

  • Personal data
  • Commercial data

In general, the term data protection 2018 act (or the law on personal data) applies to personal data. In addition, a specific term called the data protection act applies to commercial data. 

Therefore, the term personal data does not apply to commercial data. Data protection acts are also sub-divided into two categories:

Directive No. 95/46/EC or Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of individuals concerning the processing of personal data. And also the free movement of such data is an example of a directive based on this category. 

Today, all EU countries have implemented this directive into their local laws. However, these acts vary from country to country because each country has a different language and culture. 

So this is why in one country there could be many different laws that govern data protection issues. Each law will be applied depending on the case and country where it takes place. 

These laws are generally referred to as local laws, for example, Germany has its local law. So this is why in Germany they call European laws “European” laws or “EU” laws 

Some countries do not have any specific laws for personal data protection, for example, the United States of America. The second category of directives can be classified as regulation based on this category.

How Important Is This Act Today?

Data has become the most important asset today and some even call it a new currency. Data is used to make decisions and predictions, even many people make decisions based on it. 

So this is also the same with companies and organizations, they use data to make decisions as well. So this is why it is important to protect any personal data that we have.

Who Is It For?

All of us who have data assets must protect them. So if we are aware of the risks and the fact that many people use our data in various ways. Then we should protect them by using various aspects of the data protection 2018 act in our lives. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using the Data Protection 2018 Act?

There are many benefits of using this act, some of them are as follows. First, if you want to safeguard your data, then this law will be your best friend. 

There are indeed many companies who want to use our data for their purposes. So this law will give you the right to decide whether you want to allow someone else to use your data or not. 

If you do not allow anyone to use your data then they have no right to use it without your consent.