can you outsource data protection

Can You Outsource Data Protection in Services?

Can you outsource data protection in services? A business can outsource data protection to a third party for a variety of reasons, including cost-saving measures, better technology, and the need for someone else to manage it. There are many options for data protection. What are these? Read this article and below are the examples of ways to outsource data protection.

Can You Outsource Data Protection in Services?

The outsourced DPO performs the tasks described in the GDPR allowing you to reach the desired compliance level.

Managed Security Services

A managed security service is one of the most popular ways to outsource data protection. With this service, a third party will handle all security tasks on behalf of a business. This is not a simple task, and a managed security service has many components

The most important part is the implementation of anti-breach solutions. These are software that detects and protects your business from outsider attacks and data leaks. This can be firewalls, internet security, or anti-spam and anti-virus tools.

The managed security service also includes regular monitoring of systems and networks for signs of an attack. This is a network scanning and it can be a variety of tools that scan for breaches and vulnerabilities.

Managed security services also include secure backups of your data. This means that your data is on a separate server to ensure that it’s protected in case of a breach or disaster. 

IT Service Management Software

Another way to outsource data protection is to use IT Service Management software. These are tools that allow you to remotely manage your business’s IT systems. They also include features for managing data protection. 

IT Service Management software can be in conjunction with a managed security service or on its own.

Data Protection Platforms

Data Protection Platforms or DPPs are a new solution for outsourcing data protection. They are cloud-based services that provide all the tools needed to protect your data in one place. These services include anti-breach software, backup and recovery tools, and remote monitoring. 

The services have a console that can be you and your employees to review your data and monitor a breach. If there is a breach, you can use the platform to track and review it. 

You can use the platform to remotely manage your IT services as well as your data protection. This means that you can use it to manage your network and connect with your employees on a variety of data protection topics. 

Outsource Data Protection in Services: Risks

There are risks involved with outsourcing data protection in services. Some of these include trust, confidence, and security. 

You have to trust the third party to do the work that you cannot do on your own. Also, you have to have confidence in their ability to protect your data and deliver high-quality services. 

You have to ensure that they are secure themselves. So, you don’t want your data to be stolen by a hacker or be at risk because the third party has poor security. That’s why it’s important to research any outsourcing data protection in services providers that you’re considering before signing a contract with them. 


Data protection is not a simple task and it requires a lot of resources. It’s also a rapidly evolving area, so you should constantly adjust to new regulations, policies, and technologies.