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Are Data Protection And Privacy The Same?

Are data protection and privacy the same? Ensuring the privacy of sensitive and personal data can be an outcome of best practices in data protection and security with the overall goal. In this article, we will know the importance of data protection and privacy. Read more.

Is Data Protection And Privacy The Same?

Data protection and privacy are often used in tandem, but they are not the same. Data protection refers to the security of a company’s data from outside hacking attempts. Also, privacy refers to the security of a company’s data from its employees and partners.

Top Tips

To avoid a data breach or data theft, it’s important to include several key factors in your overall plan. Here are the top tips for data protection and privacy.


If you’re taking the time and money to protect your company’s data, you need to encrypt your data so that no one can use it if they were to get their hands on it. 

You’ll need to encrypt both your files and emails, as well as any other type of digital communication you’re using. Besides, you want to encrypt any removable media and even email attachments, to keep them from being by prying eyes.

Hire A Data Protection Officer

If you’re a business that collects personal information about people, hire a data protection officer. This is the person in charge of making sure that not only is the data secure, but that you’re also fulfilling your responsibilities under data protection laws.

Educate Your Employees

Teach your employees how to keep sensitive information secure and private. Educate them on what they can do to protect data if they lose it or have it stolen. So, make sure they know what they can and cannot do with company emails, files, and other data.

Have A Breach Response Plan

While there’s not much you can do if you experience a data breach, at the very least you need to have a plan in place for handling it. When a breach occurs, you’ll need to contact the people affected and let them know what information was compromised and what measures are being taken. 

You’ll also have to deal with the law, because you may be to report the breach to certain parties. And if you’re found to have violated data protection laws in your country, you could face some pretty hefty fines.

It’s always a good idea to be for something like a data breach. But if you don’t have a plan in place, your company could end up paying more than necessary.

Data Protection And Privacy: Risks

Malicious insider threats are one of the biggest threats to data security and privacy. This is because they have access to sensitive information they could use to steal, disrupt or damage a business. 

Usually, malicious insiders are employees or partners. However, after they leave their job or their contract expires, they have access to systems and information that can be for malicious purposes. 

Other risks include losing mobile devices, unsecured email attachments, social engineering, and hacking. It’s important to protect your sensitive data against all of these threats. 


Data security and privacy are two important topics that every business owner should be familiar with. If you run a company, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your data is protected. And if you’re a consumer, you have a right to privacy when it comes to your personal information.