the data protection act 2019

8 Reasons Why Data Protection Act 2019 is Important

What are the 8 reasons why the data protection act 2019 is important? The Data Protection Act 2019 is a law that makes it illegal for personal information to be collected or shared without consent. Also, it controls how personal information can be used and your right to ask for information about yourself. How do protect personal data? Read more below.

8 Reasons Why Data Protection Act 2019 is Important

Protect Your Personal Information

The Data Protection Act 2019 provides a legal framework to protect your data against unauthorized use and disclosure. This means that you are from malicious and illegal actions of organizations that may misuse your personal information for their gains.

Maintains Anonymity While Sharing Information

The Data Act 2019 allows personal data to be without revealing the true identity of the person, to preserve the anonymity of the individual. For example, your doctor will not reveal your name to someone else. 

The law protects this right by prohibiting the sharing of any personal information without consent unless it is necessary for legal proceedings or public health or safety.

Prevent Data Breaches

The Data Act 2019 protects your right to privacy by ensuring that your data. Also, the act makes sure that there is no unauthorized access to your data by way of hacking or theft. 

Ask for Information

The Data Act 2019 ensures that you can ask for information about yourself and what personal data is being by any third party. There are several ways in which you can get in touch with the data controller or company that holds your personal information and ask for it. 

Personal Information Must Be Accurate, Clear And Fairly Collected

The Data Act 2019 says that the person holding your personal information must ensure that it is accurate and up to date. In other words, they must collect only the necessary information and nothing more. 

Right To Erasure

The Data Act 2019 ensures that you have the right to be in case of any misuse of your personal information, or if you withdraw your consent from giving consent to use your data. 

Right To Consent

You must give your consent before any information about you is in a computer system. The consent should be voluntary and informed, and it must be in clear, plain language. Also, it should not be difficult to withdraw your consent. 

Personal Information Must Be Secure

The Data Protection Act 2019 requires that all organizations that hold your personal information must take necessary steps to protect it from theft, loss, and unauthorized access or use of the data. 


The Data Protection Act 2019 is to have some negative impacts on the way that companies and organizations conduct business. So, the law may require organizations to conduct more comprehensive background checks on their employees before hiring them, which can often be time-consuming and costly.

The data protection act 2019 has also been a burden on small businesses, especially start-ups. This is because the law requires them to perform adequate checks on whether their customers are being treated fairly, and whether their rights are being protected.


The Data Protection Act 2019 will help you to protect your personal information. Also, the act makes sure that your data is not by any third party or organization.