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5 Ways to Prepare For Data Protection And Your Business

What are the 5 ways to prepare for data protection and your business? There are many types of data protection and the five ways to prepare your business for these types of data protection are listed. You must follow rules on data protection if your business stores or uses personal information. This applies to information kept on staff, customers and accounts. Why is it important? Read this article to learn more.

5 Ways to Prepare Data Protection And Your Business

The five ways to prepare for data protection are: creating a data inventory, developing a disaster recovery plan, implementing a data retention plan, regularly backing up your data, and performing routine security testing.

Creating a Data Inventory

The first way to prepare for data protection is to create a data inventory. Also, a data inventory is a record of all the personal information in your business. 

The inventory includes the location of this data, who has access to it, and how long it’s. You should not store any personal information in an electronic database or computer system if you are not aware of what information is in that system and where it’s located.

Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan

The second way to prepare for data protection is to develop a disaster recovery plan. This plan outlines what to do if your business experiences a disaster or other emergency that results in the loss or damage of your business’ personal information. 

A catastrophe could be an event such as fire, flood, or loss of power. Also, a disaster could be an internal malfunction of your computer system resulting in a loss of data. 

Implementing a Data Retention Plan

The third way to prepare for data protection is to implement a data retention plan. This involves deciding how long personal information is on file. 

The law requires that personal information be de-identified when it’s no longer needed for the purpose. Also, most government institutions have retention policies that apply to their personal information. 

Retention periods are by several factors such as the type of information being kept, the purpose of its collection, and the type of business or organization. There are three types of data retention plans: implicit, explicit, and automated.

Regular Backups 

The fourth way to prepare for data protection is to perform regular backups of your data. This involves making copies of the data you store electronically and storing them in a safe place. 

You should back up the data in all your computer systems, including servers and workstations. Also, make sure that the data is in a secure location. Backup tapes should be in a cabinet or safe and not left on a desk or in an unlocked cabinet. 

Performing Routine Security Testing 

The fifth way to prepare for data protection is to perform routine security testing of your business’ computer systems. You should test all computer systems regularly to ensure they are functioning properly and are secure from unauthorized access.


These five ways to prepare data protection and your business are just a few things you can do to help protect the personal information stored in your company. 

When it comes to protecting your business’ information, you need to take responsibility for the personal information you collect and store. This is something that all businesses should do.

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